Pine Street Inn’s Housing Program

Pine Street Inn pic
Pine Street Inn

A writer and public policy expert, Paul Andrew, of North Grafton, Massachusetts, has advised Fortune 500 companies on matters pertaining to public policy and communications. Paul Andrew also supports a number of charities, including Boston-based Pine Street Inn.

A nonprofit organization founded in 1969, Pine Street Inn collaborates with people who are homeless to assist them in their transition from the streets to shelters and finally to permanent homes. The organization serves over 1,600 individuals who are homeless on a daily basis and close to 9,000 annually, providing food and shelter for those in need.

Pine Street Inn is aware that many of its guests strive to return to normal life only to find out that market-based housing is beyond their means. As a consequence, one of its initiatives is its housing program, which began in 1984. The program provides permanent supportive housing with on-site support staff. Rent is up to 30 percent of their annual income.

The usual housing features individual rooms with common living areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. On-site staff members help connect tenants with community services to prevent them from sliding back into homelessness.

The organization also provides housing for seniors, as well as for individuals with disabilities and those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.


Tips for Running a 5k Event

Basic Exercises for Runners pic
Basic Exercises for Runners

A resident of North Grafton, Massachusetts, Paul Andrew specializes in economic and trade policy. Outside of his career, Paul Andrew enjoys participating in 5k runs in both North Grafton and the United Kingdom.

One of the most popular distance events for beginning runners, the 5k run still requires preparation and training. To avoid injury and to get ready for the demands of running, it is important to warm up properly. For example, focus on the core muscles of your abdomen and legs to maintain the correct running posture. One key exercise, a lateral lunge, starts with your feet planted wider than your shoulders. Then, shift your body over your right foot and keep your left leg straight. Alternate sides 10 times.

Next, choose a training schedule that matches your fitness level. Beginning runners should work up to running a full 5 kilometers at a time over the course of eight weeks. In the first week, run until you become tired, and then walk for a total of 5 kilometers on Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, run for 1.5 kilometers. Then, rest on Friday and walk for 30 minutes on Sunday. Gradually increase the time and distance spent running until you can run at least 2 kilometers at a time. More experienced runners may begin the program at longer distances and times per day.

Paul Andrew – North Grafton Runner

Worcester Firefighters 6K pic
Worcester Firefighters 6K

Paul Andrew, North Grafton-based writer, loves running and enjoys participating in charity runs and races. Paul Andrew recently ran in the annual Worcester Firefighters 6K.

The Worcester Firefighters 6K, or WFD6K, is part of the Tour de Worcester, a trio of charity runs in the Worcester, Massachusetts, area. The WFD6K road race came about after the loss of six Worcester firefighters in a 1999 fire. Initially, the race raised funds for the completion of a memorial in honor of the fallen firefighters. In more recent years, all proceeds have been given to local charities.

The WFD6K has raised more than $500,000 for charity over the last 16 years. Most of these funds go to three very special charities. One of these is NEADS, an organization that trains service dogs for veterans and people with disabilities. Another is the Genesis Club, which provides resources and assistance to people with mental disabilities. The race also donates to the volunteer farming program Community Harvest.

The 2016 Worcester Firefighters 6K will be held Sunday, June 12. The event begins at Institute Park at 11:30 a.m.

The Satisfaction of Doing It Yourself


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Paul Andrew is a North Grafton, Massachusetts-based writer who concentrates in public policy. Outside of his work in North Grafton, Paul Andrew enjoys taking a break to build and create using his hands.

For many people, there is nothing like being able to take out the tools and fix things around the house. With so many resources available online, DIY (do-it-yourself) is easier and more popular than ever. Forbes Magazine calls home improvement a growth industry, citing the remarkable expansion that retailers Lowe’s and Home Depot have experienced in the last 10 years. This is one industry that seems not only to have grown but thrived during the recession as people have made an art out of stretching their home improvement budget.

Despite the occasional headache, DIY projects offer a sense of satisfaction as well as a light touch on the pocketbook. From quick fixes to more in-depth projects like replacing a fence or renovating an old barn, for many individuals there are few things as rewarding as a job well done.

Basic Exercises for Runners

Basic Exercises for Runners  pic
Basic Exercises for Runners

A writer and specialist in economic and trade policy, Paul Andrew lives in North Grafton, Massachusetts. An active member of his North Grafton community, Paul Andrew contributes to local organizations like the police department and the Pine Street Inn. He also regularly runs in cross-country and 5k events.

Successfully running any significant distance can be a challenge for even the most experienced athletes. However, by performing exercises designed for runners, athletes can get the most out of their run while minimizing the risk of injury.

Squats. Designed to work many running-specific muscles, including hamstrings, quads, and glutes, squats can be beneficial even without using weights. First, stand straight with your feet an equal distance apart, at about hip distance. In a sitting position, bend your knees approximately 90 degrees, and return to a standing position. Do about 12 squats, increasing repetition or adding weights as they become easier.

Core exercises. A series of short exercises to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, core exercises can be done two or three times for 30 seconds each. One exercise, the plank, begins with you lying flat on your stomach with your forearms and toes tucked under your body. Rise so that your weight is supported by your forearms and toes, keeping your back straight. You can also alternate with one forearm and the side of one foot by doing a side plank.

Lunges. From the traditional forward lunge to the challenging reverse lunge, this exercise strengthens your legs and increases the flexibility of your hips. For the forward lunge, begin in a standing position and step forward until your knee is over, but not past, your ankle. Slowly lower yourself until your other knee touches or comes close to the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

The Innbassadors for Pine Street Inn

Pine Street Inn pic
Pine Street Inn

Paul Andrew, North Grafton-based public policy expert and writer, is affiliated with several nonprofit organizations and charities. Paul Andrew gives charitable donations to many Grafton organizations, including the Grafton Police Department, various organizations for Veterans, and Pine Street Inn.

The 2015 Worcester Firefighters 6k Race

Worcester Firefighters 6k Race  pic
Worcester Firefighters 6k Race

A resident of North Grafton, Massachusetts, Paul Andrew has built a successful career as a public policy specialist and writer through work with government entities and prominent international companies. Outside of his professional pursuits, Paul Andrew enjoys running in fundraising marathons in North Grafton and beyond, and he recently took part in the Worcester Firefighters 6k Race .

Every year, Worcester, Massachusetts, holds a three-part Tour de Worcester race series for participants in both walking and running events. For the past 15 years, city leaders have hosted the 6k race in remembrance of the six firefighters lost in the 1999 Worcester Cold Storage Fire. Since its inception, the race has raised more than $500,000 for non-profits such as Community Harvest Project and National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS).

On June 14, 2015, the annual Worcester Firefighters 6k began at Institute Park with a kickoff featuring music from the Worcester Firefighter Pipes and Drums. Held in honor of the retiring Fire Chief Gerard A. Dio, the race attracted about 1,500 runners and a number of prominent local leaders. After completing the race, participants joined local residents for a block party celebration that featured a silent auction, food, and live music. Overall, the 2015 race raised an impressive $600,000 to benefit the supported charities.