Early History of Beijing during the Rule of Kublai Khan


Khan Bhalik pic
Khan Bhalik
Image: biography.com

A public policy writer based in North Grafton, Massachusetts, Paul Andrew has visited places all over the world. Having journeyed throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, Paul Andrew gets the sense that the future is being made in Asia. Beijing is among the Asian cities he has visited.

Beijing is one of the oldest existing cities, with more than three millennia of history behind it. Before the unification of China, it was a major city of the Western Zhou Dynasty, and since that unification, it has been a capital city for several dynasties. Much of the information available on historical Beijing in the West comes from Marco Polo’s expeditions, which went to Beijing during its rule by Kublai Khan.

Then known as Khan Bhalik, Daidu, or Cambaluc, Beijing boasted geographicpositioning and value that made it a better capital than the previous capital of Khara Khorum. Under Kublai Khan’s Yuan dynasty, the city expanded considerably, including through several public works projects and a heightened civil service. It also hosted the development of styles that today are seen as traditionally Chinese, such the toggle-and-loop clothing button.


The Innbassadors for Pine Street Inn

Pine Street Inn pic
Pine Street Inn
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Paul Andrew, North Grafton-based public policy expert and writer, is affiliated with several nonprofit organizations and charities. Paul Andrew gives charitable donations to many Grafton organizations, including the Grafton Police Department, various organizations for Veterans, and Pine Street Inn.

The 2015 Worcester Firefighters 6k Race

Worcester Firefighters 6k Race  pic
Worcester Firefighters 6k Race
Image: community-harvest.org

A resident of North Grafton, Massachusetts, Paul Andrew has built a successful career as a public policy specialist and writer through work with government entities and prominent international companies. Outside of his professional pursuits, Paul Andrew enjoys running in fundraising marathons in North Grafton and beyond, and he recently took part in the Worcester Firefighters 6k Race .

Every year, Worcester, Massachusetts, holds a three-part Tour de Worcester race series for participants in both walking and running events. For the past 15 years, city leaders have hosted the 6k race in remembrance of the six firefighters lost in the 1999 Worcester Cold Storage Fire. Since its inception, the race has raised more than $500,000 for non-profits such as Community Harvest Project and National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS).

On June 14, 2015, the annual Worcester Firefighters 6k began at Institute Park with a kickoff featuring music from the Worcester Firefighter Pipes and Drums. Held in honor of the retiring Fire Chief Gerard A. Dio, the race attracted about 1,500 runners and a number of prominent local leaders. After completing the race, participants joined local residents for a block party celebration that featured a silent auction, food, and live music. Overall, the 2015 race raised an impressive $600,000 to benefit the supported charities.

Top Cultural Locations in Europe

Corfu Island, Greece pic
Corfu Island, Greece
Image: visitgreece.gr

Based in North Grafton, Massachusetts, Paul Andrew balances responsibilities as a public and economic policy advisor with his role as a white paper writer for a number of non-profit organizations. In his free time, Paul Andrew enjoys traveling outside of his North Grafton community, particularly to the many unique cultural locations across Europe. A continent steeped in history, Europe is home to numerous locations that captivate visitors with local culture and scenic destinations. When planning a trip to Europe, tourists often flock to a few consistently popular locations.

Corfu Island, Greece
Homer first mentioned Corfu (then known as Phaecia) in The Odyssey, naming it as the place where Odysseus’ shipwrecked during his travels. Corfu has been a historic landmark since Corcyrans founded it in the 8th century and established it as the center of educational and artistic activity for the entire Mediterranean. The famous Corfu Town is popular along with plentiful olive groves.

Hallstatt, Austria
The oldest village in Austria, Hallstatt lies between the tall Dachstein Mountains and the picturesque Salzkammergut Lake Region. For thousands of years, the village has served as a prominent location in Europe’s salt trade. With baroque-style homes nestled among the mountains and an adjacent lake, modern-day Hallstatt is one of the world’s most photographed locations.

Cinque Terre, Italy
Located among steep cliffs on the coast of Italy, Cinque Terre features five fishing villages within its borders. Its local history dates back to its founding in 643 BCE, when residents hid from barbarians along the rocky coastline. Many of the area’s historic castles and churches still stand today and attract travelers. The rich culture has made it a UNESCO World Heritage site for nearly two decades.