About Paul Andrew North Grafton

Paul Andrew, of North Grafton, Massachusetts, currently acts as a writer and presenter specializing in policy affecting economics and trade. He has drafted a number of white papers on topics such as community-driven growth, and he has counseled government leaders and policy makers from Europe, Asia, and elsewhere on trade. In addition, Paul Andrew worked with a host of Caribbean governments to stress the importance of economic integration throughout the islands. To do so, he performed considerable research in countries such as Jamaica and Barbados.

In his leisure time, he enjoys keeping fit by running long-distance races in and around North Grafton; primarily, he participates in racing events that benefit charitable organizations. Paul Andrew’s other hobbies include reading, golfing, traveling, and doing home repair projects. A socially conscious individual, he contributes financial resources to Pine Street Inn, which supports underserved people in the area; veterans’ groups; and Grafton Police Department.


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