Federal Interest Rates to Remain at Current Rate Through 2016

Federal Interest Rates pic
Federal Interest Rates
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Though he is based in North Grafton, Massachusetts, Paul Andrew is a public and economic policy expert who is in demand in nations across the world. Paul Andrew’s experience has helped to shape institutions both in and outside of North Grafton, including Fortune 500 companies, United States political campaigns, and international policies.

In late July, the Federal Open Market Committee voted to leave federal interest rates at their current level for the time being. Though this decision fell in line with most predictions, some analysts were surprised by the committee’s somewhat optimistic position statement after the announcement.

Representatives of the Federal Reserve pointed to rising employment levels as an example of economic recovery in recent months. Though investment in business has remained slow, household spending increased by a significant degree. These factors suggest a slowly but steadily improving domestic economy, making conditions ripe for a small interest rate hike sometime in 2017.


5K Dominance and Other U.S. Running Facts

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Running USA
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A resident of North Grafton, Massachusetts, Paul Andrew is a public policy expert who has collaborated with a broad range of entities from around the world. Outside of work, Paul Andrew enjoys road running and specializes in 5-kilometer (5K) events.

According to nonprofit Running USA, after over 20 years of strong and mostly double digit increases, the number of race finishers among recreational runners has declined for two consecutive years. Industry experts say this was an anticipated, healthy correction of a part of the world of running.

The past year saw declines in all race distances, but the largest decline of around 30 percent came from nontraditional races or obstacle course races, which include features such as paint, fitness challenges, and mud.

From 5 million road running race finishers in 1990, the number of finishers peaked at more than 19 million in 2013 before declining. There were 17.1 million finishers in 2015 for all road race distances. This represents a 9 percent drop from 2014.

The road running industry had an estimated value of around $1.4 billion in 2015, which was a half billion dollars more than the revenue earned by the NCAA in 2015 and close to the ticket revenue of the NFL for the same year.

The 5K retained its dominance of all race distances in 2015 with 7.6 million finishers. This represented 45 percent of all road race finishers in the United States.

Pine Street Inn’s Housing Program

Pine Street Inn pic
Pine Street Inn
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A writer and public policy expert, Paul Andrew, of North Grafton, Massachusetts, has advised Fortune 500 companies on matters pertaining to public policy and communications. Paul Andrew also supports a number of charities, including Boston-based Pine Street Inn.

A nonprofit organization founded in 1969, Pine Street Inn collaborates with people who are homeless to assist them in their transition from the streets to shelters and finally to permanent homes. The organization serves over 1,600 individuals who are homeless on a daily basis and close to 9,000 annually, providing food and shelter for those in need.

Pine Street Inn is aware that many of its guests strive to return to normal life only to find out that market-based housing is beyond their means. As a consequence, one of its initiatives is its housing program, which began in 1984. The program provides permanent supportive housing with on-site support staff. Rent is up to 30 percent of their annual income.

The usual housing features individual rooms with common living areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. On-site staff members help connect tenants with community services to prevent them from sliding back into homelessness.

The organization also provides housing for seniors, as well as for individuals with disabilities and those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.