Top Cultural Locations in Europe

Corfu Island, Greece pic
Corfu Island, Greece

Based in North Grafton, Massachusetts, Paul Andrew balances responsibilities as a public and economic policy advisor with his role as a white paper writer for a number of non-profit organizations. In his free time, Paul Andrew enjoys traveling outside of his North Grafton community, particularly to the many unique cultural locations across Europe. A continent steeped in history, Europe is home to numerous locations that captivate visitors with local culture and scenic destinations. When planning a trip to Europe, tourists often flock to a few consistently popular locations.

Corfu Island, Greece
Homer first mentioned Corfu (then known as Phaecia) in The Odyssey, naming it as the place where Odysseus’ shipwrecked during his travels. Corfu has been a historic landmark since Corcyrans founded it in the 8th century and established it as the center of educational and artistic activity for the entire Mediterranean. The famous Corfu Town is popular along with plentiful olive groves.

Hallstatt, Austria
The oldest village in Austria, Hallstatt lies between the tall Dachstein Mountains and the picturesque Salzkammergut Lake Region. For thousands of years, the village has served as a prominent location in Europe’s salt trade. With baroque-style homes nestled among the mountains and an adjacent lake, modern-day Hallstatt is one of the world’s most photographed locations.

Cinque Terre, Italy
Located among steep cliffs on the coast of Italy, Cinque Terre features five fishing villages within its borders. Its local history dates back to its founding in 643 BCE, when residents hid from barbarians along the rocky coastline. Many of the area’s historic castles and churches still stand today and attract travelers. The rich culture has made it a UNESCO World Heritage site for nearly two decades.