Traveling the World to Learn the About the Past and Build the Future

From his home in North Grafton, Paul Andrew addresses topics of concern to policymakers at all levels, especially in the area of economics. In addition to writing white papers, he prepares presentations which he delivers to government and other leaders in the United States and worldwide. One of his recent presentations, concerning trade policy, was made to the international Trade-in-Services Group, headquartered in Switzerland. Additionally, Paul Andrew has counseled several Caribbean nations regarding proposals for the formation of a consolidated economy, and has participated in numerous political campaigns in the United States.

Of the various activities that Paul Andrew engages in to clear his mind and relieve stress, travel is one of his favorites. He has frequently left North Grafton to travel worldwide, and wherever he goes he has found sites of historical significance. There are numerous destinations he enjoys, but he particularly prefers Europe because so many of its historic structures and artifacts have been preserved.

Another noteworthy characteristic of European travel is the proximity of nations and cultures. In Europe, a great variety of people share a continent about half the size of the United States. Therefore, it’s possible to experience markedly different societies in a matter of days or even hours.

While Europe may provide travelers with an appreciation for the history of Western civilization, Paul Andrew also loves visiting Asia because of the strong sense of the future he encounters there. When visiting the vibrant and teeming locales of Southeast Asia, or Asian cities like Beijing, travelers feel they are in the epicenter of a construction zone with the future being built all around them.